Photo Mar 10, 1 20 42 AM (1)The boys of Switch enjoy hanging out, talking about everyday things, and slapping each other around. These real-life tendencies have directly impacted their improvised form; a modified Living Room that opens with honest discussion stemming from audience suggestion. From there, nothing is off limits. The boys play fast and physical; climbing on each other, using each other as objects and giant fight scenes are common in shows. Nothing is ignored as they constantly push the scenes and each other throughout the show. There is no time for rest when Switch performs because their edits are soft and transformational, using the physical position, line or idea in the current scene to jump-start the next. It is with trust and love that Switch plays and by the end of the show, the boys will be exhausted and covered in sweat and the audience will have experienced a full, physical and outlandish piece of improvisational art. 

They consist of:

Alan Linic
Collin Dahlgren
Dave Karasik
David Schwartzbaum
Ryan Nallen

For all booking information or interest in our ‘Hyper-Play’ workshop, please contact us at: switchcommittee@gmail.com or just shoot one of us a message on Facebook 🙂

*Photos courtesy of Heather Scholl Photography


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