The Twin Cities Improv Festival ’14 – “Bubbles”

The Phoenix Improv Festival ’14 – “Baking Cookies”

iO Cabaret, 3/27/14, “Dracula”

iO Cabaret, 1/30/14, “Minesweeper”

Eau Claire Improv Festival ’13 Show, “Spaghetti”

Big Little Comedy Fest ’13 Show, “Masturbation”

iO Cabret, 10/17/13, “Twerking”

iO Cabaret, 10/10/13, “Singing in the Shower”

iO Cabaret, 10/3/13, “Farts”

iO Del Close Theater, 9/14/13. “Money”

iO Cabaret, 6/6. “Goblins” – First show at iO

Switch Committee Teaser Video for iO Chicago:


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