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Good improv — the kind that has an almost seamless quality as it rolls from one scene to the next— is a long-haul proposition. It can take years for performers to really settle into a groove together. And then before you know it, one person after another scatters to the wilds of Los Angeles or elsewhere to pursue more lucrative work in TV and film. That sweet spot in between — when an improv team is just seasoned enough to leverage its internal chemistry, but not restless enough to skip town just yet — is where Switch Committee currently resides. The five-man group, in their shirts and ties, has the right kind of playful but down-to-business approach. – Nina Metz

Gapers Block

The team’s personal history really works for them — they let the scene build and really go for it with each other… Switch Committee is going to be a great summer treat, just don’t be crazy and wait too long to see them. – Tyler Gillespie

Life’s a Funny Scene

This team is dynamite and fearless. They have strong initiations and great listening and agreement. Their commitment to risky, physical choices is a true breath of fresh air. There was never a dull moment with these guys. I was sold after their opening scene…So go see for yourselves, you can thank me later. –  Kiley Peters

Causing a Scene

Don’t drop anything’ is what many improvers hear often and Switch Committee has proven to be the master of this rule. Each show is full of emotional characters and beautiful  physical play as their scenes tie together with mind-blowing connections by recycling every ounce of information… It only takes one show to make you want to   be best friends with each of them. – Kristi McKay

  • “A great group of guys and a stellar team. I rarely coach teams these days because I’m way too busy, but I made an exception for this group… These guys make make me laugh so hard that I have stomach aches for the rest of the day.” Jeff Griggs, Second City BoatCo., author of Guru
  • “Switch is a fine collection of gentlemen that push an equal balance of fun and support throughout an entire piece. No stone is left unturned or unexplored…This is a group to keep your eye on.” Timmy Mayse, Deep Schwa, Fetch
  • “Switch Committee is sincerely my new favorite group goin’! They play so fast, so smart, and they’re unbelievably hilarious… the  chemistry of these guys and how much fun they’re having (every time out!) is just contagious… I have a solid man crush on every single one of those dudes!” Joey Romaine, DART, TMI
  • “Very impressive. These guys were physical…frenetic and funny and a great way to close out the night.”
  • “A tremendous young ensemble that’s been turning heads all over Chicago…in a rousing display of energy, intelligence, and passion.” iO Newsletter (May 2013)



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