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We are currently teaching a workshop to everyone and anyone interested. Feel free to email us for booking information. The estimated time of this workshop is 3 hours. Below you will find info about the workshop:

Hyper-Listening – Everything, from the moment you walk into the theatre, to the closing scene, is fair game for mining information and cultivating your scene work. We’ll explore the art of listening with complete intention, free of mental roadblocks, allowing you to build meaningful relationships and themes.

– Create a rich and deeply textured universe where absolutely anything can be utilized by applying hyper-awareness to your surroundings; your teammates; and the stage environment.

– Emotional Heightening is a weapon that can be pulled at any time, even from the smallest of lines, to gift relationships with a dynamic twist.

Think Fast / Play Slow – Keeping a running list of everything while it’s happening, is vital to the success of callbacks and following themes. Quickly cataloging while on stage and on the sidelines allows for scenes and themes to marinate longer, providing you and the audience with bigger payoffs.

– Mining details and specifics are necessary for pulling your piece back on itself with a whirlwind of patterns, callbacks, and games.

– The ABCs of naming to get you into minor, yet incredibly effective habits, allowing everyone to jump in for group games, while learning to balance the stage and playtime.

Think Fast / Play Faster – Jump out of the airplane without a parachute and trust that your teammates will be there for you. This style of play will add to the dynamics of the piece, and allow  for some frenetic play to erupt, taking your scene to new, undiscovered places. As Del said, “Follow the fear.”

– Transformational edits are a strong point of focus which encourage you to weave your scenes together to create a whole piece. Using physicality and mirroring, you will entwine scenes together organically to keep the energy and momentum of your piece in full swing.

– Trust, comfort, and playfulness are the essential building blocks of physicality and for getting out of the bland and ubiquitous “talking-head” scenes. We will shatter this convention and show you to use your physical and worldly imaginations while following the freedom of play


(Denver Improv Festival Workshop)

“This workshop alone justified the drive across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and half of Colorado.” – Sean H.

“Gave me the freedom and energy to create. Great nuggets of improv wisdom that I can take with me.” – Steve N. 

“So worth it.” – Tom S. 

“Very engaging and well structured.” – Jason R. 

“These guys are as good at teaching as they are at doing.” – Lisa R. 

“Frequent use of the word ‘fuck’ made everything easier to remember.”  – Bre F. 


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