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Dave Karasik
 is originally from Denver, CO where he performed and taught at the Bovine Metropolis Theater, with house teams SansScript and On the Spot, and with independent group Governor Jack. Dave moved to Chicago in 2011 and has graduated from The Second City Conservatory and i.O. Training Center, and is currently in the writing program at i.O. In addition to Switch, you can see him in various other projects, including the iO house team The Ruckus, Caliber at ComedySportz and in an experimental two-person show called Karasik Park 2: The Experiment, where each show the guest performer and the form change.

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Alan Linic is a Second City Training Center House Ensemble and iO training program alumnus. He is a member of the Second City National Touring Company and the iO team The Ruckus. He has also written/performed in a variety of sketch shows, including the critically acclaimed One, Two, Many. He  is a proud member of Switch Committee, the team that has touched his heart and his genitals more than any other. Check out his nationally recognized Twitter project, @WeFoughtAbout.

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Collin Dahlgren

is a graduate of both the iO Training Center and the Second city Conservatory. He has performed in two writing 6 shows including “Everyone’s A Winner” and “Forever 13”, as well as the Donny’s Skybox show “Durty Purse”. In addition to Switch, Collin is also member of Lethal Action Force , the iO Harold team Denver as well as the Playground Incubator team Ghost Car

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David Schwartzbaum started performing theater and comedy in Miami before moving to Philadelphia and becoming the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Off-Color Theatre Company. After producing/acting/writing seven world premiers including full length productions like “No-Talent Hacks” and “Bailout! The Live Action Sitcom”, David moved to Chicago and graduated from the Second City Conservatory and the iO training program. Other than Switch Committee David is a featured columnist at, you can find him at the Annoyance Theater taking classes, or at home watching wrestling.





Past Members

Though we no longer play with these people consistently, they will always proudly be a part of our history.

uncut headshot 962013Ryan Nallen is a graduate of the iO Training Center, the Second City Conservatory, and the Annoyance Theater. Aside from Switch, Ryan is an Associate Producer for Big Little Comedy as well as a member of iO Harold team Denver and the Playground team Desperado. In January ’13, he completed an entire month of comedy by performing 31 days in a row for the month. He’s a frequent blogger for, the Second City Network, the National Improv Network, and the iO Water Cooler), Follow him @TheRyanNallen.












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