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Bloopers from our 3rd podcast

Things go straight to hell right off the bat.

First blooper: Schwartzbaum and I swear it out

Blooper 2: We attack moms


First official podcast – 31 days of comedy

Randy_NewmanCheck out our first official podcast. We talk about Ryan’s current journey of doing 31 days of shows for the entire month of January as well as the support people have for one another doing comedy in Chicago. We also all do Randy Newman impersonations at one point. It’s ridiculous.  We start off with a spot-on impersonation of Ryan from Collin as well.

[audio http://k007.kiwi6.com/hotlink/8yg1jap64n/talking_about_31_days.wav]

Podcast Blooper’s

So Switch Committee has decided to test their hands at doing a podcast. Of course, while trying to do so, there has been ridiculous banter back and forth. Here are some of the bloopers before we release our actual podcast.

These were dumb. We know. We get it ALRIGHT! Laugh at it anyway.

First official podcast coming soon!