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Review from the Chicago Tribune! :D


Thank you so much to all who came out. We recently got reviewed by the Chicago Tribune’s Nina Metz and we cannot explain how happy we are. We’ve copied and pasted the review below:

Switch Committee

Good improv — the kind that has an almost seamless quality as it rolls from one scene to the next— is a long-haul proposition. It can take years for performers to really settle into a groove together. And then before you know it, one person after another scatters to the wilds of Los Angeles or elsewhere to pursue more lucrative work in TV and film.

That sweet spot in between — when an improv team is just seasoned enough to leverage its internal chemistry, but not restless enough to skip town just yet — is where Switch Committee currently resides. The five-man group, in their shirts and ties, has the right kind of playful but down-to-business approach.

They are the type to literally climb the rafters, for bits that included a riff on men’s gymnastics, a performer-as-human pinata and a treehouse mom got in the divorce: “Now it’s her bachelorette pad.”

Alan Linic is especially strong when it comes to playing a specific sort of dumb (intent but dense) and there’s huge potential down the line for this sort of thing. The standout is Ryan Nallen, who brings to mind a Michael J. Fox-like “what, me?” mock innocence. He was the one hanging from beams, which became obviously painful after a time. As one of his fellow cast members attempted to help him out, the others decided, nope, we’ll keep him suspended up there with every narrative contrivance we can think of. That’s pretty cruel, but also funny. And Nallen, good sport that he was, let you know it was OK to laugh.

Thursdays through Nov. 21 at iO Theater, 3541 N. Clark St.; $12 at

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Reviewer: Nina Metz

Link to the review:,0,1234768.story


Review: Life’s a Funny Scene by Kiley Peters

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Recently Switch Committee was lucky enough to be reviewed by Life’s a Funny Scene’s Kiley Peters. We have wanted to be on her website for quite some time and are thrilled that we were not only reviewed, but that she enjoyed the show. She’s interviewed and reviewed some of the best improvisers in the game and to be included among them on her site is truly an honor.

Check out the link to her review and her site below:


Causing a Scene

Switch CommitteeSwitch Committee

SHOW DATE: May 31, 2013
WHERE AT: Donny’s Skybox
Second City, 1608 N. Wells


Do you remember the first time you saw the fireworks on the Fourth of July?

I do. My head spun with excitement and my heart instantly fell in love with every glittery explosion. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. That’s the very same feeling I get EVERY time I’m lucky enough to catch a Switch Committee show and May 31st was no exception as I attended the Donny’s Skybox show “Blood Feud: Switch Committee vs. Manny Mora.

The five members of this team, who met while taking classes at iO and Second City Conservatory, take the stage, do a little dance and proceed with an honest conversation about the suggestion, which in this case was sour cream. Tonight their fun, truthful dialogue revealed that Ryan tried sour cream for…

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