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Improv Gladiators Competition

The Switch boys had a blast at the second week of the Improv Gladiators competition this past Friday, where they finished the night in 2nd place but managed to hold onto their lead overall going into the next set this Friday. Something to note is that despite a hilariously bad performance during the short-form portion of the competition, Switch was given a perfect 45/45 score by the judges for their long-form set!


Be sure to catch the rivalry between the boys and their friends of the Instant Specialists as the competition continues this week!


Cornservatory Improv Gladiators!

Cornservatory Improv Gladiators!

Last night, the boys of Switch performed the first set of their five-week run at the Improv Gladiators Competition. They finished the first week in first place and wil be back to try to defend their lead next week at 8 PM!

The boys are also supporting Committee member Ryan Nallen as he pushes through his “31 Days of Improv,” a personal challenge Ryan made to perform improvisation-based shows every single night of January back to back to back. So far he’s 11 days strong, and Switch will be back to help him see it through this Sunday at the Playground’s Extended Play at 9:30 PM!

(photo taken from http://thehealthyapron.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Corn-Im-in-Everything3.jpg)