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A Chance and a Thank You

A Chance and a Thank You

This past Saturday, Switch Committee did a trial show at iO Theater in Chicago. As a result of that performance and the support of the audience, we will now be appearing at 8 PM every Thursday of June at iO, with an open possibility for extension. This is in addition to our Saturdays at Midnight with the mind-bendingly talented Lethal Action Force.

More than any other feeling, what we feel as a team right now is gratitude. Without your support and care, we wouldn’t have this opportunity. And there is nothing we could ever achieve that would feel as good as having a theater full of people celebrating this win with us as it was announced live at the end of the show.

So thank you. We will do our best to deserve the amount of support and love that you have shown us. As a matter of fact, we may have some news on a token of our gratitude upcoming. Stay tuned.

With love and respect and victory signs,
The Boys

Cornservatory Improv Gladiators!

Cornservatory Improv Gladiators!

Last night, the boys of Switch performed the first set of their five-week run at the Improv Gladiators Competition. They finished the first week in first place and wil be back to try to defend their lead next week at 8 PM!

The boys are also supporting Committee member Ryan Nallen as he pushes through his “31 Days of Improv,” a personal challenge Ryan made to perform improvisation-based shows every single night of January back to back to back. So far he’s 11 days strong, and Switch will be back to help him see it through this Sunday at the Playground’s Extended Play at 9:30 PM!

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